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WTI Crude Oil $ 44.21 per barrel,

Natural gas $ 2.32 per MCF...

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Pinnacle Exploration, Inc.

As long as companies have been conducting business, some have been outstanding successes, while others have been dismal failures.  Some companies act with purpose and direction, others drift.  Some companies are adept at seizing new opportunities, others watch passively or let them slip through the cracks. 


Video - Pinnacle 29 # 2 drilling rig & site

In April 1998, I incorporated Pinnacle Exploration, Inc. as a proactive O&G company.  Pinnacle's basic business mission is to become a major independent in the petroleum industry.  Profitable growth in O&G revenues is fundamental  so that we may serve the interest of our financial partners and customers.

Since our primary focus is (O&G) oil and gas production we have concentrated our efforts in finding acreage in existing oil and gas fields with proven commercial production.  This has several strategic advantages 


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Check out pictures of the 29 # 1 fracture  

* 'A' # 1 & # 2 - Gross ROITD %; Net % (11/01/15)


Pinnacle Exploration, Inc., P.O. Box 1820, Roanoke, Texas  76262