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Pinnacle 21 "B" Lease Well

# 1 & # 2 Program

"Signal Peak Field", Howard County, TX.

Pictures of Pinnacle 29 # 1 & # 2 location

Pictures of Pinnacle 29 # 1 Fracture process

Pictures of Pinnacle 29 # 2 Fracture process

Map of Location

Pad Location Layout

Tax Advantages of Oil & Gas Investments

Since our primary focus is Oil and Gas production we have concentrated our efforts in finding acreage in existing oil and gas fields with proven commercial production.  This has several strategic advantages.  First, by drilling in areas where commercial production is abundant and commonplace, the geological risk factor dramatically decreases.  Infield developmental drilling is one of the lowest risk drillings that can be done and accounts for over 80 % of all oil and gas production in the United States.  Second, by drilling in developed oil and gas fields production rates have already been established, and a greater geological production picture has been mapped.  This eliminates becoming involved in fields with short production lives or high decline rates.  Third, by attaining acreage in developed fields, we will be making a tremendous step in overcoming objections from potential working interest owners, thereby allowing Pinnacle Exploration, Inc. to drill more wells and achieve greater production rates each year.

Pinnacle Exploration, Inc.

Pinnacle 29 # 2 Drilling Rig

Pinnacle 29 # 2 Rig & Pipe

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